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Create your own Unicorn with us!

Now your favorite Unicorns are dressed in colorful sweatshirts, with embroidered cool and nimble phrases. You can choose from those that are available, or come up with your own phrase, which will be very important to the person to whom you give it.

To make an order:

1. Write the phrase below the text "Enter phrase". Do not invent too long))) They still need to fit on a small area of ​​5x4 cm. If there are doubts or several options, write them in the comments to the order. We will arrange it together)))

2. If you want a different color for a sweatshirts, also choose it below. Can’t find the color you need, also write about it in the comments. We will find it!))

If you are satisfied with the one that is in the photo, then do not write anything and do not choose a color. Just make an order. And you will have such a Unicorn.


Let's create with us!)))))


Unicorn height: 25 cm.

Materials: plush, tulle, cotton, acrylic yarn.

Filler: hypoallergenic hollowfiber

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