About Us

Hi there! I am Natalia Hoizhevska and I am the author and owner of Sunny Bunny.

I am an economist by education and came to the creation of toys by accident. But, as the wise old turtle in the Kung Fu Panda cartoon says: "There are no accidents."

In a decree with my youngest daughter, I became interested in sewing, finished the courses, where I was told to "look" at funny dolls on the Internet. The Tilda were very popular back then.

I immediately wanted to give it a try. I tried. It turned out something not very clear. Several new attempts were already much better. All my first "works of art" remained with my daughter. She was my biggest critic at the time.

Subsequently, friends began to pay attention to my work and asked to make a toy for their children. Before New  Year 2012, I received my first big order. Rainbow Company ordered gifts to its dragon colleagues. If I'm not mistaken, 15 pcs

In the fall of 2012, another coincidence: we met with my friend Nastya and decided to do business with her. The next day I came up with the name Sunny Bunny. Something so sunny, gentle and soulful seemed to me what we were about to do.

Since then, rapid growth has begun. Regular participation in exhibitions, festivals, markets. My experience has grown, regular customers have started appearing, some of whom are still with me. At first, I used patterns for my toys, which were available on the Internet, changing a little under myself. Now all Sunny Bunny toys are my copyright.

From 2019 our paths with Nastya parted ways and now Sunny Bunny is a family business. My husband helps me a lot and without his magic "pendel" there would be nothing at all.

I myself would not be able to make the required number of toys. That's why I work with professional seamstresses who also love to make toys. In my experience: only what you love to do is great. I am proud to be working with most of them from the beginning of Sunny Bunny's story

For more than 7 years we have had more than 2000 clients from 7 countries of the world. And now we have begun to conquer the international market.

I really appreciate our cooperation with corporate clients. For some, we brand our toys with a customer logo. For others, we create unique corporate characters who are symbols of business and company. We have partnered with Ibis Hotels, Lifecell, 1 + 1, Sushiya, the Kuluar Tourist Club and others. And they appreciate my speed and flexibility. And of course, the result is a fun, soulful toy. Visit https://sunny-bunny.com/corporate for more information.

I am glad to welcome you to my cozy world of toys and I am sure you will fall in love with them as much as I do.

I will personally answer all your questions and advise if in doubt. You will find my contacts in the site header.

Your Natalia